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Strapless Reducer Body 280, very comfortable girdle to use and invisible with any clothes, medium compression provides control and 280 degrees which allows full control over the waist. Besides its seams allow lifting the breast with its use. Thermal Hiphugger Sofía Body Powerflex One Piece Girdle High Back Animal Print Waist Cincher 2024 3 Hooks Pink
Thermal Hiphugger Sofía Body
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Thermal Hiphugger Slim Body. Reducer abdomen with internal band Rubberflex coated cotton, his thermal action eliminates fat deposits and toxins through sweat, which are retained on the cover of cotton. Hiphugger design lifts buttlocks. Woman's Thermal Braless T-shirt with ample reinforcement Rubberflex on the front, which generates a thermal action which eliminates toxins and fat cells of the upper, middle and lower abdominal area. Slims and corrects your posture Lined Shaper Girdle Plus - Size 44 y 46 Panty Girdle High Lift Buttocks
Thermal Hiphugger Slim Body - CC1456
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Lined Shaper Girdle Plus - Size 44 y 46
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We all want a shapely body and look good every day, Sigter have the products you need to help you to achieve control and lose weight. Sigter Shapewear help you to get slim instantly and you can get a permanent efect. Fing the right product for you in Sigter, Waist Cincher or a Body Shaper or a Full body shaper? Just click on the categories and find it. We have over 450 Shapewear products of different brands, models and styles.

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A Body Shaper? Waist Cinchersr? Shapewear for men? Postpartum Girdle ? or just a waist cincher corset for a special ocation? In have available girdles shapewear for all ocations each of them on high quality Colombian brands. Colombian girdles are the best of the market, with many years on the Shapewear and Fashion industry.

Want to know what is the secret of famous people? How do get slim and fit on their beatifull dresess? How they get back to their weight after pregnancy? It is not new and we all know that the great help is to use a Postpartum Girdle. You will notice the results in a few days and then you do not want to stop using it!

La Faja ideal para ti
A latex girdle : this kind of girdles help you lose weight and shape your body through controlled heat especially in the abdomen. A Microfiber Shapewear visually helps you to have a better figure with a low compression. For a higher compression and greater control you can choose a Powernet Girdle that give you intantly and permanent slim efect. The Powernet is a special material with three microfiber layers, this Powernet Shapewear are made to improve more than one part of your body like abdomen, legs and breasts. They visually eliminate waist and abdomen and they are the perfect complement to your body.

With a Waist Cinchers Classic style shows a perfect figure . A waist cincher help you to reduce weight and shape the figure. Here in Sigter you can find Latex Waist Cinchers, Microfiber Waist Cinchers, Coton and Latex, and the most wanted the Clasica latex waist Cincher Corset.

Shapewear are used by millions of people worldwide to get weght loss and control benefits , whether you want to look good, or if you need it for therapeutic purposes.

In you will find a largest variety of girdles . With over 450 different products , can offer you all possible alternatives for you to choose the product that best for your needs. Choose in this Shapewear categories:

Clasic Waist Cincher : The classic waist cincher is like a corset, help you to reduce abdominal weight.
Vest Shapewear: This type of girdles are similar to the classic , but with straps that cover and control your back.
Panty Girdle : Helps compress and control the entire abdomen, waist and back area. Molding your body and correcting your posture as well as lifting your bust.
Half Body Girdle : Middle Girdle Body girdles are generally "free breasts' covering from waist to mid-thigh shaping abdomen, back and legs. This type of girdle can be used daily

Lift Buttock Girdle : These strips cover part of the buttocks , shaping and refining the figure in the lower body .

Shapewear by Material : In this category you will find different types of materials used in Shapewear proucts. The materials can be very different and perform functions varied.

Powernet : Get the perfect body.Three layers of cotton helps the body to breathe, get slim and provides high compression .
Latex Shapewear: The latex girdles help reduce measures through sweating. This girdles have cotton inside and a layer on latex outside
Shapewear Microfiber: Microfiber is a special material, very thin and confortable.

Find the perfect girdle for you in Sigter , your own style!